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How to store clothing

Whether you just want to put away some seasonal clothing, you're moving or just downsizing temporarily, storing clothing is probably something you will encounter at some point in your life. Here are the steps you should follow to help you make sure your stored items stay just like the day you put them away:

  1. Save those "DO NOT EAT" desiccant ball packets that you get with shoe boxes and packages, and reuse them in your storage boxes.

  2. Sort through your clothes and get rid of any items that you no longer wear or that are damaged. Decide whether this item really fits your lifestyle right now. If not, put it in storage. This is the perfect time to purge any clothing, and also save space.

  3. Clean and THOROUGHLY dry your clothes before storing them. This will prevent any dirt or moisture from damaging the garments while they are in storage.

  4. Consider using dryer sheets, cedar blocks or lavender sachets to keep your clothes smelling fresh and prevent insect damage.

  5. Moisture and pests are your enemies so you want to do everything you can to avoid it.

  6. Use vacuum-seal bags to compress and protect your clothes. Note: this is not recommended for certain types of delicate fabrics that wrinkle and need to breathe. Once in their vacuum sealed bag, you can put the whole thing into plastic totes. This will also help you make the most of your space and stay organized.

  7. Make sure all clothing is in a sealed, waterproof container, as most fabrics can be damaged by water.

  8. Label each tote so you know which clothes are inside. This will help you find the items you're looking for when the season or time comes!

I hope these tips are helpful! Remember when using long term storage, every little thing matters. Sometimes things you would never think of can cause you headaches later on. If left out, even a little food residue on a baby onesie can attract unwanted attention from insects and rodents.

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Do you have any helpful tips? Share them in the comments!

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